About Us

RCR Values

The RCR Company Values set by the Management are Integrity, Respect, Open Communication, Courage and Commitment. These values promote:
  • Integrity in all aspects of the workings of our business to maintain the highest professional standards;
  • Respect for others by working safely together and treating others in a fair and equitable manner regardless of the working relationship i.e. between individuals, the Management, clients and other external parties;
  • Open Communication with all the stakeholders of our business;
  • Courage and Commitment to stand by our convictions and objectives, to action our goals and to accept the responsibilities required to achieve them.

How these values are reflected within RCR

  • Everything RCR does is guided by these values.
  • We are accountable to all of our constituents for conducting ourselves in accordance with these values.
  • Our adherence to these values - both as a company and as individuals - is reflected in our performance assessments.
  • We seek to employ people who share these values.