Heat Exchangers

heat exchangerAdvantages of RCR Tomlinson Ltd Heat Exchangers

Quality - All heat exchangers manufactured by our plant are of the best quality.

Long Life - Our heat exchangers are durable and designed to last.

Sectionalised Design - We prefer to assemble our heat exchangers in sections for ease of installation and cleaning

Range of Materials - A wide range of materials is available which include the following:

Range of Heating / Cooling Mediums - We can design for any heating medium:

Low Steam Consumption - On most of our air heaters we pass the condensate through an orifices plate then pass this wet steam back into a condensate section. This recovers additional heat from the steam resulting in a reduction in steam consumption of up to 20%. It also eliminates the need for a steam trap.

We Design To Your Requirements - Each heat exchanger is individually designed to customers requirements.

heat exchangerDesign & Development

RCR's WACOL division design and build heat exchangers for the industry. Heat exchangers manufactured by RCR Tomlinson Ltd are designed and built to our customers specifications in accordance with API 661, AS1210, BS 5500, ASME VIII TEMA and others. RCR designs can be applied to the majority of applications but we are continually seeking fresh and innovative ways and means of improving our products. Our engineers take every opportunity to develop new designs and to review each successful development for its potential to advance in quality, efficiency , cost effectiveness and reliability.


Some examples of the types of finned tube heat exchangers we are able to supply are:

As well as finned tube and finned tube heat exchangers, we are also competent to design and build shell and tube heat exchangers.