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Second RCR employee becomes Ambassador for DET

Simon Jacques selected to be one of the twenty-five Ambassadors for the WA Department of Education and Training.

Second RCR employee becomes Ambassador for DET

RCR employee Ambassador Simon Jacques

The Ambassador Program, an initiative of the WA Department of Education and Training (DET), aims to increase awareness of career opportunities available to those who undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Ambassadors come from a wide range of industries and backgrounds and are involved in mentoring and encouraging people to discover the value of learning.

For two consecutive years RCR employees have been chosen as Ambassadors. Last year Stephen Harris, a trainee Metallurgical Technician, was selected to be one of the twenty-five Ambassadors. (more info on Ambassador Stephen Harris). This year Simon Jacques has been awarded the same honour.

Simon started with RCR Engineering’s Geraldton workshop in 2005 as a draftsperson. At the time Simon was recuperating from an injury he had acquired during his former employment as a Machinist. Due to his injury Simon was unable to return to his former trade and needed to learn new skills to make himself employable. Although Simon lacked experience Peter Howell, the Workshop Manager, recognised that Simon had a lot to offer the business as he was eager to learn and to achieve positive results. Over time, Simon became a skilled draftsperson and was later offered an opportunity to formalize those skills through a higher-level traineeship. He completed his higher-level traineeship and attained a Diploma of Engineering in December 2008, and is currently enrolled in further studies to achieve a Diploma of Management.

RCR congratulates both Simon Jacques and Stephen Harris on their achievements and commends them for their active involvement in the workplace and the community. RCR wishes them the best in their roles as mentor, and any future studies.