RCR’s Graduate Program seeks out emerging professionals from grass roots level, generally from first year of tertiary education.

RCR-Graduate-web.jpgIt offers opportunities for undergraduate engineers to participate in workshop activities, design and engineering management, which gives them a greater practical and cultural appreciation for our industry.  RCR has also entered into an agreement with Engineers Australia, allowing our new engineering graduates to participate in their Professional Development Program.  This three year program will facilitate attainment of Chartered Status for participants, with the aim of ensuring greater staff retention and allowing our new engineering professionals to mature with our culture and values.

The growth of RCR’s corporate division will also require us to develop greater numbers of professionals from non-engineering areas.  Work is already being done to recruit and develop undergraduate business professionals, particularly in the areas of finance and marketing.

To register your interest in a graduate position or vacation employment with RCR, send an email to

In your email you should include:

  • Your personal details
  • Your location
  • Your qualifications or current area of study

You may even wish to attach a current CV.

For more information please call (08) 9355 8624.