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Cleaver-Brooks M4 Compact Watertube Boiler


Based on the superior 'O' type design, the Tomlinson / Cleaver-Brooks Model M4 water boiler is a two drum, three pass steam boiler.

The furnace walls and outer row of convection tubes are fully-welded membrane walls that eliminate the need for gas-tight outer casings.


The Tomlinson / Cleaver-Brooks Model M4 is a fully automatic boiler that complies with the current Australian unattended code requirements. The boiler control system is a PLC based with a touchscreen video graphic mimic panel displaying and storing operating parameters. Key monitoring devices are duplicated for added safety.


The burner fitted is the well proven Cleaver-Brooks high-pressure drop unit suitable for natural gas, LP gas or diesel fuel. Combination burners are also available.

Minimum Refractory, Less Maintenance

In common with other Tomlinson water boilers, the Model M4 contains a limited amount of refractory. This can be as much as 80% less than boilers of other designs, resulting in substantial savings in maintenance costs.

Sound Level

The combustion air is a direct-driven, vibration-free centrifugal impeller. This produces maximum sound levels of 80dBa at high fire, making this boiler the ideal choice for noise-critical installations.

Savings of up to 50% in floor space

Size for size the Model M4 requires as little as half the floor space needed by other boilers of its type. This can result in considerable building construction savings - especially important with today's ever increasing costs of construction. The standard width of the full range of Model M4 boiler is less then 840mm. This width will fit through a standard doorway.


The Tomlinson / Cleaver-Brooks Model M4 water boiler design complies with the requirements of Australian Standards 

  • AS 1228

  • AS 2593

  • AS 1200

  • US ASME Boiler Code

All boilers are fully inspected and certified before delivery.

The quality of Tomlinson / Cleaver - Brooks Water Boilers is backed by a 5 Year Warranty on Pressure Parts.

How the Model M4 Works

Reverse firing is the key to the Model M4's compact design. The hot gasses travel the length of the furnace, then reverse back, providing greater heat release per cubic metre and greater heat absorption per square metre of furnace wall than other boilers of its type. The third pass is through the convection pass where the hot gases contact a maximum amount of waterwall. Add Model M4 rapid circulation to this high heat transfer capability and you have a boiler with quicker heat-up and faster response to load changes than you can expect from other designs.


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