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Fulton Boilers

Fulton specialise in the design and manufacture of industrial and process applications, providing steam for process heating and humidification. Typical environments include the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical/petrochem, garment and laundry industries.

Fulton Steam Boilers are available in a number of models including:

Vertical Tubeless Packaged Steam Boilers

The tubeless design, invented by Fulton, eliminates coils and tubes associated with smaller steam raising plant. This British-made boiler, gas, oil or dual fired, offers the following features:

  • 5 Year warranty on pressure vessel

  • Constructed to BS 2790 1992, satisfies AOTC requirements and conforms to relevant British and European standards

  • Efficient and reliable burners raise full steam pressure in 20 mins

  • Lonox gas burner available (50 ppm NOx)

  • Compact design and minimal footprint facilitate access for maintenance etc.

  • Front mounted instrument and control panel

  • Integral operatinq and safety controls

  • Optional ancillary controls including automatic blowdown, TDS and chemical dosage sampling

  • Heavy guage steel, or optional stainless steel, jacket with high quality gloss paint finish

  • All boilers fully assembled and tested in works prior to shipment

  • Grundfos boiler feed water pumps

Dragon - Fully Automatic Steam Boiler

The Dragon electric steam boiler is designed to meet those applications where a compact, low height steam boiler is required. It is particularly suited to the garment industry, laundering and dry cleaning. Other suitable environments include hospitals, laboratories, steam rooms, manufacturing and hvac humidification.

The Dragon is built to the same standards and specification as other Fulton boilers, with 5 year warranty on the pressure vessel. Unlike the Electropack, the Dragon requires a separate condensate return system.

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