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The Tomlinson Inert Gas Generator has proven it is able to operate successfully in highwall applications supplying methane diluting carbon dioxide rich inert gas to screw auger machines as well as continuous miner type machines. This inert gas allows safe, uninterrupted mining, regardless of methane gas level in the coal.

More recently the Tomlinson Inert Gas Generator has proven it is capable of inertising large volume sealed areas of underground mines thereby eliminating the risk from any potential explosion hazards that may exist now or in the future.

Benefits to the Coal Industry

  • A safer working environment for miners working above and below ground.
  • Continuity of mining operations by being able to inertise sealed areas without evacuating a mine because the atmosphere will pass through the explosion range.
  • Potential to recover coal from areas previously ignored by being able to safely use small diameter auger machines in narrow coal seams with high methane gas levels.


  • Continuous operation in highwall mining applications with transportable skid mounted units.
  • Inertising of abandoned workings in longwall or bord and billar miners with mobile units.
  • Continuous operation in auger mining applications with units mounted on the mining machine.

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