Our Culture

RCR’s unique culture and proud history underpinned by our core values of safety, integrity, respect and open communication, forms a significant part of our competitive advantage.


An absolute commitment to safety is fundamental to our business, and we strive to foster an environment where everyone cares about their safety and the safety of those around them, with the goal of zero harm. RCR’s strategy for success is built on innovation and diversification – and on ensuring our people have the ability to contribute. Our people can be secure in the knowledge that they, and the skills they bring, are a valued part of a great company with a reputation for innovation and growth; and the capacity to transform the biggest of visions into turnkey solutions.


Investing in future generations of employees is something we take very seriously at RCR. We believe in realising and developing further potential with a structured and supported Apprenticeship and Trainee Program.


As an equal opportunity employer, RCR works towards developing, engaging and supporting indigenous employment initiatives, and encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds.