Boiler Service, Repair and Maintenance

Boiler Service, Repair and Maintenance

RCR Energy understands its customers need for a reliable functioning energy plant and offers comprehensive boiler servicing, repairs and maintenance services for a wide range of package steam, hot water and thermal oil boilers. RCR Energy Service can also provide fuel efficiency improvements through burner tuning, burner upgrades, economizers and other energy-saving options.

24/7 Boiler Maintenance Contracts

Routine burner and boiler service including 24/7 inspection and tailor programmed maintenance.

Statutory Inspections

The safety of unattended energy plant rests on three essential pillars:

  • Failsafe plant designed and installed in accordance with the Australian Standards and New Zealand OSH requirements
  • Operators and management trained and working within a functioning quality management system
  • Plant physically tested regularly by a maintenance organisation to prove that the plant actually fails to safe mode

RCR Energy offers assurance that these protective systems are all in place.

Combustion Tuning

Poorly tuned combustion plant presents a significant risk to your business.

Firstly, the operating cost between a well tuned energy plant and one that is poorly tuned easily exceeds 3% of annual fuel costs. Incomplete combustion results in poisonous and explosive carbon monoxide, as well as the formation of soot to foul heating surfaces and reduce efficiency further.

RCR Energy technicians are equipped with the test instruments and knowledge to keep your plant in tune.

Fault Finding

RCR Energy Service offers emergency response to client callouts from nationwide Service Centres, enabling us to provide rapid response.  We take particular care to document our service work including accurate as-built electrical drawings. These aid rapid faultfinding and corrective action.

Refurbishment, Overhauls and Upgrades for Boilers

Boiler re-tubing and pressure vessel welding, minor refractory repairs, fuel conversions, burner management upgrades, combustion analysis, installation and commissioning of new control valve stations.