RCR Mining provides customised, in-house professional design service to the mining, process and manufacturing industries. RCR has built a proud history and respected reputation over the past 30 years for delivering quality products and services to both the national and international markets.


RCR’s innovative environment offers our clients the opportunity for improvements in the efficiency, durability and value of industrial equipment and installations.

RCR has extensive experience in the design and  project management of materials handling, crushing and screening plants and associated equipment. Our in-house designed and built equipment can be found at major minesites across Australia and around the world.

With a long history of solving complex materials handling issues in the demanding Australian mining industry, RCR offers our international client base an opportunity to capitalise from this experience. RCR Mining's design and drafting team is a key factor behind the Company’s reputation for excellence, with expertise extending to most areas of mechanical engineering within the mining, process, timber and chemical industries.