Belt Feeders

As a leading Australian materials handling designer, RCR has developed belt feeders to suit the most demanding applications in the mining industry.  RCR belt feeders are chosen for their outstanding life characteristics and durability in the harshest conditions.



RCR belt feeders are custom designed for each application and the design team encourages the client to be involved in the selection and design processes. This collaborative effort ensures that the product meets the demands of the application and the needs of the client.



Interactive computer design model with outputs which incorporates:

  • Ore characteristics
    • Bin and hopper design considerations
    • Customer specifications
    • Finite element analysis of major components
    • 3D design models, to allow client interface
    • AS 9001 2002 accredited design control process
  • Design employing both the Australian materials handling industry standard TUNRA and RCR’s extensive design modelling expertise
  • Heavy duty mechanical design, using the leading components available, with designs for all Australian and International standards
  • Comprehensive design, support and interaction with the client
  • Fully developed bin, hopper and stockpile design support for our clients
  • Advanced maintenance and operational features, including retractable idlers and unique Hydraulic tensioning system
  • Designs are currently available for feeders up to 15,000 tonnes per hour, 3 metres wide and 30 metres long
  • Feeders feature maintenance and operational benefits which including retractable and shuttle motion


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