Advanced Laser Cutting

As Australia’s largest quality certified laser cutting specialist, RCR’s laser technology incorporates high precision cutting solutions for a diverse range of materials, including different grades of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. With over 25 years of industry experience, RCR Laser has grown to become one of Australia’s largest laser suppliers to the manufacturing, fabrication, and engineering sectors, with operations in all Australian mainland states. 

Using the latest computerised systems, RCR Laser can accept drawing information from clients as CAD files, fully dimensioned drawings, or even by reverse engineering samples. Our internal systems are designed to allow clients to easily change part geometry with no tooling change. Our innovative solutions support a diverse industry base including agriculture,  construction, industrial products and commercial transport.

By retaining cutting data, we can recall the latest revision of any job and repeat it with 100% accuracy. With increasing capability delivered from some of the world’s most sophisticated technologies, laser cutting is more viable today than ever before as a replacement for other conventional processing methods. Our clients benefit from access to the most up-to-date laser cutting equipment in Australia, ensuring a faster turnaround of jobs with greater accuracy.

Advanced Laser Solutions

RCR Laser has commissioned state-of-the-art Fibre Lasers. Fibre Laser Cutting Technology provides high speed cutting of thin sheet metals along with the ability to cut a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. This Fibre Laser Technology ensures that we continue to provide innovative manufacturing solutions that drive optimum value for our clients. Our ongoing capital investment program allows us to continually extend the range of materials processed, whilst setting new standards in precision, efficiency and throughput.

We have also commissioned a high-powered 6KW laser cutting machine with a large 6m x 2m bed size to allow innovative manufacturing solutions. ‘Adaptive Laser Cutting’ technology compliments the size and power of the machine and will enhance cut quality. This technology uses a series of infrared cameras to measure and adapt cutting parameters in real time, ensuring that product is delivered with superior finish. This new technology will increase productivity and ensure fast delivery times. 

We provide our clients with a complete range of cutting, bending and welding solutions via in-house management of fabrication services. We have commissioned state-of-the-art pressbrakes to ensure we are well placed to support local manufacturing with formed parts from the latest manufacturing tools. This advanced technology offers fast and accurate ’art to part’ processing using software that automatically programs the part and determines the precise blank size. This technology also utilises a laser angle measuring system which measures and corrects each angle as it is being formed.