Industrial Boiler Technologies

RCR Energy have been providers of plants, products & services to the energy markets in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia for over 100 years.

RCR Energy offers state-of-the-art technologies for renewable and conventional fuels, including a wide variety of complex biomass and refuse-derived fuel.

We offer a range of technology including; FM Package Boilers, Towerpak® and Stirling® Power Boilers. In addition RCR has a diverse range of proprietary technology.

Our range includes:


  • Top supported boilers up to 540tph, 152barg and 538°C
  • Bottom supported boilers up to 130tph, 124barg and 538°C
  • Firing equipment - Burners, Pulverised coal mills, Grates and Bubbling Fluidised Bed combustion
  • Proven technology for burning a wide range of Biomass including Bagasse, Coal, Gaseous and Liquid fuels.
  • Bubbling fluidised bed (BFB) technology offers significantly enhanced combustion leading to reduced emissions, specifically NOx and CO as well as improving combustion efficiency.
  • Our advanced combustion techniques also includes Internal Recirculation Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boiler technology suitable for alternative fuels such as those with high ash or sulphur content.


Energy from Waste

RCR offers an unparalleled wealth of experience in the generation of energy from waste products.

Leveraging our innovation base, as well as our engineering and project management expertise, RCR offers highly efficient, forward-looking solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Industry sectors that RCR has provided solutions for include; Sugar Industry, Lumber, Panel Boards, Paper Recycling, Pulp and Paper, Food and Meat Processing.