Turnkey Energy Generation

RCR is a technology leader in design, manufacture and installation of integrated solutions for power generation and thermal energy plants in open and combined-cycle gas turbine power plants - including Heat Recovery Steam Generators and reciprocating engines - using a range of conventional and renewable fuels, including biomass.

Utilising advanced technologies for a range of conventional combined cycle and renewable generation solutions, RCR Energy delivers power stations (gas or coal fired and biomass) and steam generation plants through turnkey engineering, procurement and construction projects across a diverse range of industries including infrastructure, oil & gas and mining.

RCR Energy holds all the major steam cycle and boiler technologies and licenses necessary to deliver the majority of power and steam generation projects in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and SE Asia. Proprietary solutions include Heat Recovery Steam Generators (“HRSGs”), open and combined cycle gas turbine power plants, reciprocating engines and steam and power generation plants.