Heat Treatment

With sites in Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, RCR provides in-house and call out heat treatment services throughout Australia.

RCR’s heat treatment operation at Welshpool in Perth, Western Australia, has one of the most comprehensively equipped facilities in the Southern Hemisphere, housing the largest permanent stress relieving furnace in Australia. The facility's laboratory has accredited to the ISO 17025 standard for over 60 years, and we also operate accredited laboratories in Burton, South Australia and Bennetts Green, New South Wales. 

Our facilities operate 24 hours a day conducting stress relieving, normalising, annealing and solutionising, carburising, refractory, induction hardening and NATA accredited materials testing. Ongoing call out services are also provided for various fabrication shops and companies.



  • Stress relieving
  • 'Normalising, Annealing & Solutionising
  • Carburising & Controlled Atmosphere Hardening
  • Induction Hardening
  • Water Quenching
  • Ageing & Tempering
  • Cryogenic Heat Treatment
  • NATA Accredited Testing