Design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of substation structure and plant including civils; HV & LV switchgear; Transformers; and voltage stabilisation systems

RCR's product range includes:

11,000V /1,000V Skid Based Substations range with the following options

  • 1,000kVA, 1500kVA or 2,000kVA low profile power transformers
  • Form 2b or form 4a types of 1,000V distribution enclosures
  • High Voltage options are:
    • Lucy Sabre VRN2a circuit breaker ring main with optional motor operators
    • Schneider Ringmaster RN2c circuit breaker ring main switch with optional remote switching
    • Lucy oil filled fused ring main switch
  • Other options include:
    • Lifting frame
    • Tow bar and wheels
    • Remote switching panels